Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sometimes, I Eat Good Things.

My work had a Board meeting last night and I got to take home some uneaten vegetarian bibimbap made with soybean spouts and the regular bibimbap fixins. Hungry, I decided to add a fried egg to the mix to make it that much more awesome.

Veggie Bibimbap (w/egg)
Here's the egg

Veggie Bibimbap (w/egg)
The bibimbap, steaming and ready to go...

Veggie Bibimbap (w/egg)
The plethora of banchan...would you say I have a plethora?

Veggie Bibimbap (w/egg)
The egg topping the bibimbap, with the banchan at bay...

Veggie Bibimbap (w/egg)
HERE is the final product, with the yolk nice and runny mixed in with the banchan.

My tummy is happy.


fran said...

yo quiero bibi whatever it is called!

Corazon said...

Du willst...sag' mit mir:

Deceon said...

this makes me shed a sad tear for every undercooked egg I will not be able to eat.

Anonymous said...

Delicious! This beats Le Jacque in Le Box any day.

PuPCakes said...

you should run your own Kogi truck!