Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hold You in My Arms...I Just Wanted to Hold

Working in a place where they don't pay for parking is a bummer, and I'm cheap and poor enough to not want to have to pay for parking, so I go to great lengths not to.

Having to move my car from an area that starts street sweeping to another place for the last hour and a half I have at work seems like nonsense, but at least I get a minute out of the office (even when I can't afford to do so), and other moments of wonderful happen upon me.

As I was approaching my car, I passed by a car lot with an attendant, who had his radio blasting pretty loud. And for that, I was happy and it made my day, and really should have slowed my pace as it was playing this:

Muse, play and save the world, but at least save my sanity.

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