Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Beauty Movement

I already love Fleet Foxes. I really want to see them live.

Their album is great, and I really like their song, "White Winter Hymnal"

As good as it is already, an LA-based acappella group made a hauntingly beautiful cover of it that can bring me to tears: Sonos

You will have to click on "White Winter Hymnal" on the player to hear it, though their "Oh What a World" is cute, too. Their "Everything in its Right Place" is also solid and good, but I've heard it one too many times, though I do not think I can ever tire of WWH with them singing it at all. It makes it a bit more difficult to hear the original sometimes; they have such different feels to it.

Excuse me while I shed a tear to hear it again. I am happy to be around and have the facilities to be able to appreciate this kind of beauty. If Sonos wants to arrange acappella versions of the whole Fleet Foxes album, I would buy it in an instant and listen to it constantly, crying the whole time, haunted by their voices and harmonies while thinking that even though there is so much pain and ugliness in our world today, there is music like this.

And once I manage to recover from my lotus eaters-like state from their siren ways, I'd probably go out and try as hard as I might to make my own beauty out in the world.

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PuPCakes said...

I *heart* fleet foxes!